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The Oswego County Bicentennial History books are ready for purchase.

The books will cost $10/paperback and $20/hardcover and can be purchased at the Town of Sandy Creek. They are beautiful and make great gifts.

The Christmas Tree event was a success again this year with thanks to Rae Allen and the girl scout troops as 190 votes were counted and the trees have been distributed.

Happy Holidays from the Sandy Creek History Center Charlene, Phyllis, Irene and Jim .

The One Room School book costs $15.00

The History of Oswego County Bicentennial Book will be sold to the public for $10/paperback and $20/hardcover. The village office, town clerk and History Center will have sign up sheets available or contact me by phone (387-5456 x7) or e-mail at schistorian@frontiernet.net

This will give me an idea on how many books toorder.  This book and the upcoming “One Room Schools” book can make great giftsfor the history buffs on your Christmas list.

West Primary School

The Doctors of Sandy Creek book is published and can be purchased at the Sandy Creek Town and Village office. All our local history books make great gifts. We are currently working on a book about  “One Room Schools” in the town and its villages..

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