November 11 is Veterans Day. We remember these brave soldiers who fought to keep us free.

Revolutionary War Veterans known to have lived in Sandy Creek were: John Baldwin, Thomas Baker, Peter Bargy, James Campbell, William Dunlap, Jonathan Herriman, Isaac Harmon, Ebenezer Howe II, Nathaniel Jacobs, Ephraim Kimble, Stephen Lindsay, Isaac Meacham, Robert Muzzy, Jonathan Thrasher, and Nicholas Winters.

War of 1812 soldiers were: Charles Alton, Andrew Baker, John Baldwin, Daniel Bealls, Fred Canough, Asa Carpenter, Erastus Chappell, Peter Coon, B. Or L. Covey, William Cunningham, John and Smith Dunlap, Harmonius Ehle, Sam Goodrich Jr., Nicholas Gurley, Samuel Hadley, Isaac Harvey, Philip Helmer, Eben, Elias and Newell Howe, Oliver Hunter, Phineas Lilley, Isaac Mosier, Moses Morey, James T. Murphy, Pliny Nash, Nathan Noyes, Seth Porter Remington, Reuben Salisbury, Jonathan Snyder, Joseph Tucker, John Tuttle, James Upton, Benjamin and Isaac Weser and Christopher Wodell.

During the Civil War, the Town of Sandy Creek, which in the census of 1860 reported a population of only 2,431, furnished over 220 men for the Union Army. Few indeed were the homes that were not anxiously awaiting news of a son, brother, husband or other relative at the front with his regiment during the years of 1861-1865. There was great rejoicing when news of the long conflict reached Sandy Creek. It is said that on April 9, 1865, the date of Lees surrender, the old town bell whose tolling had all too often brought tidings of the death of a loved one was rung for six hours, the welcome story that it proclaimed bringing joy and thanksgiving to all. The names of these brave men are too numerous to list here but deserve our undying gratitude and special remembrance on this day.

The Spanish-American War-1898-Clayton Allard, Harry Chapman, Carl E. and Clayton D. Crandall, Harrison Dewey, Charles H. Porter, Art Salisbury and Seymour Smith.

The Boxer Rebellion-1903-1905-Isaac Bentley, Howard DeLong and Myron Ridgeway.

World War I and II-These brave men of Sandy Creek are too numerous to mention. However, three of our men died in WWI: Erie Dana, Chadwick Gerow and Rex Hadley. These men died in WWII: John H. Alexander, Glen H. Crast, Elmer I. Guy, Walter J. And Warren E. Ridgeway, Donald C. Zahler and Rex Zufelt.

In the Korean War we lost Austin Caufield and Ralph A. Howard.

These men are listed in our history files. If you know of anyone I have left out, please contact me.

Thank you to the town road crew who cleaned up the Pioneer Cemetery (Goodnough District) before the Lindsey and Woolaver families came to visit. It was so overgrown that it was an impossible task without them. There is much work left to be done in this abandoned cemetery and the other five within the town limits. I need volunteers to rake, probe for the fallen stones, help with standing stones and donations of spring flowers to be planted. Can you help?

Stephen Lindsey (1760-1841) a Revolutionary War Soldier and first pioneer to this town and his wife, Sally McNitt are buried here. Jonathan Thrasher, another Revolutionary War soldier is also buried in this Pioneer Cemetery.

A Memorial Day, May 31, program will honor both veterans. Mike Kastler and crew have installed a cemetery sign and the veterans gravestones. We thank them for their continued support.

Other family names include Sprague, Potter, and Woolaver.